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Accounting Staff

Arts Accountants - Melbourne and Australia Wide

If you’re making important long-term business decisions around investing, expansion, company acquisitions, fraud detection/protection or need professional guidance with corporate governance, having a trained accountant (or an accountant-in-training) working for you is an absolute must.

We’re experts at handling all areas of:
  • General Financial Management
  • Providing Financial Overviews
  • Budgeting
  • Reports

Arts Accountants – Flexible Solutions To Suit Your Budget

Maybe you need the services of an arts accountant but not full time? Our flexible solutions allow you to hire a professional on your terms. 3 days a week? No problem. Once a month? Consider it done. On site or off? It’s your choice.

And best of all, when you engage our trained staff, we also provide you with a third party ‘overseeing’ service that gives you updated assessments about what your internal financial staff are doing and how they’re doing it. After all, you can never be too careful.

And should one of our team get sick or can’t perform, we’ll have a replacement ready to go – no ifs, not buts. Consistency and quality control are our hallmarks.

We can help implement efficient, cost effective and time saving systems to simplify your month end procedures and provide you with detailed information about your company’s present finances.

If you’re responsible for the management of your arts organization, you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with only highly skilled and/or CPA trained individuals.

Let our experts help you regain control of your finances and put you back on track.